KAG (Kiln-formed Architectural Glass) – Tile Shop – Wales, UK

Posted onJune 16, 2012

KAG (Kiln-formed Architectural Glass) – Tile Shop – Wales, UK

KAG (Kiln-formed Architectural Glass) specialises in the design and manufacture of handmade, textured glass splashbacks, glass tiles, frameless shower screens, kiln formed architectural glass panels & textured glass kitchenware.
Textured Glass

KAG’s unique kiln forming process produces a tactile, undulating, textured glass which refracts, reflects and magnifies the light, forming fascinating lighting effects at different viewing angles.

The result of this process is a lively three-dimensional illusion which appears to move with you.

Each handmade textured glass splashback & glass tile is slightly different and in itself, a piece of art designed to be the focal point of a kitchen or bathroom wall.

A single glass splashback is the easiest surface to wipe clean and furthermore, there’s no grouting to become discoloured.

KAG glass splashbacks and glass tiles are available in a range of eye-catching metallic marble effect colours and designs.


Sales Office:     KAG

The Village Shop
Wick road
CF35 5BL

Workshop:     KAG

The Old Village Hall
Merthyr Mawr
Nr Bridgend

Tel: 01656 657744 (8am – 8pm, 7 days)
Fax: 01656 654194
Email: info@kag.uk.com

New modern line in gres porcellanato (glazed) with a satin finish-RAK Ceramic.

Posted onJune 23, 2011

New modern line in gres porcellanato (glazed) with a satin finish-RAK Ceramic.

In Line
A new modern line in gres porcellanato (glazed) with a satin finish that surpasses all earlier designs. In a new
size of 45 x 90 in black,grey, green, ivory, olive green & ocra colours.
A special marble effect tile in gres porcellanato( glazed ) in 60 x 60 size in colours of white, ivory,black, brown, beige &grey with special steel strip decoration.
A series that is turning to be a classic is Signature – Glazed Porcelain in sizes 30x 60 and 60 x 60 in Ivory, Brown, Green,Black & Beige colours , accompanied by beautiful mosaic decoration .

Another trend setter from the RAK Ceramics’ stable is Lotus- a new Glazed Porcelain tile series in sizes of 30.5 x 60.5, 30.5×30.5,and in smaller sizes of 20 x20 and 10x 10 in Brown, Ivory, Grey& Black and with splendid mosaics and waterjet cut borders to complement the offering in tiles.



The new collection of slate look tile offers architects,designers, builders and landscapers a rich palette of
unique colours, textures and materials to work with.Each tile has delicate details making the tile a decorator’s
delight.The series in Gres Porcellanato( glazed ) is available in sizes of 45 x 90 & 60 x 60.

Granada Stone
Granada stone derives inspiration from the topography of the Granada region in Anduluscia,Southern Spain. An
antique stone masterpiece,this tile in gres porcellanato( glazed ) is available inIvory, Grey, Beige & Brown colours in sizes of 30 x60 and 60 x60

Earth Stone
Earth Stone is another ecological delight offered in Gres Porcellanato( Glazed ) in size 60 x 60 and in multiple cut sizes in lightgreybeige,off beige, off grey, warm grey, grey brown, darkbrown, & black-brown colours.

Lavagna Pearl
A modern offering in gres procellanato ( glazed )with a lapato finish in a new size of 45 x 90 in colours of
Black, Grey, Green, Ivory,Olive Green & Ocra.

Bamboo is nature’s most sustainable resource. It’s grown without pesticides and is a 100% biodegradable and is
naturally regenerative.These qualities make it the perfect design source for a great interior as well. RAK Ceramics
brings bamboo to life with a unique tile series & decoration.Available in 20 x 50 wall and 33x 33 floor in orange, white, beige,black, brown & grey colours.

Nature is always an inspiration.Flower patterns grace this ceramic tile series offered in 20 x 50 and 33 x 50 in grey, beige,brown & white colours.


P.O. BOX 4714

TELEPHONE: + 971 – 7- 2445046
FAX : + 971 – 7- 2445270
E-Mail :mktgservices@rakceram.com