CTM – Sydney, Brisbane – Australia.

Posted onOctober 18, 2011

CTM, More than you expect. For less than you think – Sydney, Brisbane – Australia.

CTM stocks a vast selection of beautiful and durable first-grade floor tiles. Whether you want to create a rustic or a more sophisticated, up-market look, CTM has the right tiles for you. Choose the floor tiles that would best complement the decor and colour theme in your kitchen, passage, living room, bathroom, bedroom or even on the patio or around the swimming pool. Our tiles are available as polished or glazed porcelain, glazed or unglazed ceramic in all the colours, shades and textures you can think of.




2 Birraba Avenue,
NSW 2322

Contact Detail
Telephone:       (612) 4966 0166
Facsimile:          (612) 4966 0677

Prospect, NSW
Shop 8 & 9 Homebase Shopping Center,
19 Stoddart Road,
NSW 2148

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Telephone:     (612) 9688 4528
Facsimile:        (612) 9688 4918

Brookvale, NSW
734-736 Pittwater Road,
NSW 2100

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Telephone:     (612) 9939 3090
Facsimile:        (612) 9939 3313

Lansvale, NSW
286 Hume Highway,
NSW 2166
286 Hume Highway, Lansvale, NSW 2166

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Telephone:     (612) 9724 0141
Facsimile:        (612) 9724 5219

Gosford, NSW
297 Manns Road,
West Gosford,
NSW 2250

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Telephone:     (612) 4322 8377
Facsimile:        (612) 4322 8399


Canon Hill, QLD
1881 Creek Road,
Canon Hill,
QLD 4170

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Telephone:     (617) 3395 6774
Facsimile:        (617) 3395 8661

Art ceramics Photo and specialist cut tiles-Johnson Tiles, UK.

Posted onJune 19, 2011
Art ceramics Photo and specialist cut tiles-Johnson Tiles, UK.

If you would like to create a tiled area featuring your own design, we can work with you to create a bespoke ceramic wall. Our Artile service enables you to use photographic images, paintings, pencil sketches, computer generated designs and many other image types for tiled walls, external cladding and swimming pool tiles. All our Artile products offer the high performance of our standard decorated tiles, are fully fade and UV resistant in full sunlight and are scratch resistant.

For more information please contact us on 0845 210 3000
or email artile@johnson-tiles.com




Johnson Tiles
Harewood Street
Stoke on Trent
United Kingdom

Tel: 01782 524000
Fax: 01782 577379


Tel: 01782 524000
Fax: 01782 577379
Email: onlinesales@johnson-tiles.com

General enquiries
Tel: 01782 575575
Fax: 01782 577377
Email: info@johnson-tiles.com


Floor Gres – Tile Shop – IL, USA

Posted onJune 10, 2011

Floor Gres – Tile Shop – IL, USA

Intelligent Architecture

Floor Gres was founded in 1962 at Fiorano Modenese by Giovanni Lucchese, a trained engineer who first brought the wet extrusion process for the production of clinker tiles to Italy and then, in 1967, introduced the technology for producing white-body single-fired tiles using the spray-drying method, still one of the most widely used in the ceramic tile industry today. In 1976 Floor Gres created its Swimming Pool Division, for the realization of swimming facilities of all kinds and sizes. In 1981 Floor Gres pioneered the production of porcelain stoneware, a material with outstanding technical and aesthetic properties which immediately began to dominate the market thanks to its wide range of potential applications in both public and private contexts. In 1995 its forward-looking, innovative spirit led Floor Gres to phase out the production of extruded clinker tiles in order to dedicate more resources to the unlimited potential of porcelain stoneware.

Floor Gres
P.O. Box 156
Barrington, IL 60011
United States of America
Toll Free: 877-342-6567